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Kasanka National Park

Home of the highest migration of mammals in the World

Kasanka National Park is located in Chitambo district in the central province of Zambia. It is one of the smallest park in Zambia of about 390 Squares Km. Its the first park to be managed by Private Public Partnership of Department of Wildlife and African Parks in 1986.  Kasanka is home of the biggest migration of mammals in the world. The colored fruit bats. The Park experience a migration of about 10 million bats between the months of October and December. In addition the hosts about 114 mammal species including Elephant, Buffalos, Zebras and Sikatungas etc. The park is park of the Bangweulu wet land with is home the shoebill. The park is rich in birdlife and its a getway to the Northern Circuit. Located in the Chitambo district it makes it your host for the death place of the Famous Missionary, David Livingstone whose heart was burried at Chitambo Village

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