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Northern Circuit, Zambia

The Northern Circuit of Zambia encompasses Luapula Province, Northern Province, and Muchinga Province. These regions are teeming with national monuments and heritage sites, many of which are waterfalls, the pristine Samfya white sandy beaches, Lake Tanganyika and its surroundings, a rich tapestry of cultures and traditions, archaeological sites, wildlife sanctuaries, and national parks.As of my last update in January 2022, the Northern Circuit of Zambia referred to a collection of pristine and less-visited destinations in the northern part of the country, offering a range of wildlife, cultural experiences, and natural beauty. Key highlights of the Northern Circuit included: South Luangwa National Park: Renowned for its walking safaris and diverse wildlife, South Luangwa is one of Africa's best game parks. It's home to a variety of animals, including elephants, hippos, crocodiles, and numerous bird species. North Luangwa National Park: A more remote and less touristy park, North Luangwa offers a true wilderness experience. Visitors can explore the park on foot, accompanied by armed rangers, providing an up-close and intimate experience with nature. Kasanka National Park: Famous for its bat migration, Kasanka hosts millions of fruit bats during the November to December period. It's also a haven for birdwatching and hosts a variety of wildlife. Bangweulu Wetlands: This area is home to the rare shoebill stork and offers opportunities for bird watching and cultural encounters with the local people. Mutinondo Wilderness: A private conservation area known for its rock formations, caves, and untouched wilderness. It's a great destination for hiking and exploring nature off the beaten path. The Northern Circuit of Zambia was less developed and less visited compared to the more popular southern parts of the country, offering a more exclusive and authentic safari experience. The emphasis here was often on walking safaris, exploring the landscape on foot, and engaging with local communities.

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Site map of Water falls and Parks in the Northern Circuit of Zambia

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