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We are Your local travel and lodging experts. Contact us now for fantastic travel packages at prices that won't break your budget. We Do it All for You

407 Old wing Mosi-oa-Tunya Building
Livingstone Town

60 – 31 days 30% to Confirm

30 – 29 days 50%

 28 - 0 days Full Payment

Cancellation Policy
29 – 0 days = 100% of due payment
 30 – 60 days = 50% of due payment
 61 or more    = 30% of due payment



WhatsApp - +260965503618


                                                                                                                            Travel Tips

1. Clients should use the same name in all their Reservations. This makes easy it to identify them during pickups.
2. Clients are also advised to know the exchange rate of their currency against the Zambia Kwacha.
3. It is advisable that clients secure their accommodation in Zambia before traveling.
4. Once you have checked in and if carrying any valuables make sure you have them kept by residence authorities or use the safe in the room.
5. Do not move around with your traveling documents or bank cards unless if you intend to cross the border. Alternatively, photocopy the relevant pages of your passport and visa just as these may be required. Just make sure you have enough cash as you move around.
6. Zambia is an English speaking country and if the English language is a problem please advise us in advance so that we could make alternative arrangements where possible.
7. It’s a must for clients to always listen to their guide as they are in charge of the tours and have all the safety rules that come with all the tours.
8. Once your Reservations have been confirmed with us, we would like to let you know that we will be in charge of your pickups and we shall ensure that you are always on time.
9. If you have any special needs, physical or health wise, please advice us well in

  1. Zambia has in the recent years been listed as a Yellow fever country even though it’s really not but because its border line with Congo hence it’s recommended to have a Yellow fever vaccination from your country of origin if you intend to visit South Africa after transiting through Zambia. South Africa demands of it and evidence of the vaccine.                                                                                                                                                                                                                            VISA

1. It’s a must for clients to know the visa requirements in Zambia before traveling from their countries of origin. The two options are:
(i) single Entry and
(ii) Double or Multiple entries in event where the clients would be moving back and forth from the country of destination. It is also cheaper to buy multiple entry visas than to buy one each time they come back in a situation where they decide to probably visit a neighboring country. Zambia and its neighbors have day trip activities, for instance Chobe Day trip to Botswana.
(iii) Be informed that visa fees are not included in any of the rates that may be given to you.
(iv) It is also important know whether one can buy a visa at the port of entry or need to acquire the same before traveling in their country of origin.

Immigration and customs forms are sometimes issued on the plane or when you just disembark at the arrival terminal. As you go through immigration formalities you will find your names on the manifest if you intend staying at a local hotel in Livingstone. It may also depend on your nationality. For those who do not intend to stay in Livingstone, a transit visa is a requirement. When you are through with all the immigration formalities and you have collected your luggage, proceed to customs. A professional guide will be awaiting you after customs. Your names will be printed on a name board, for easier identification of your guide. Your transfer vehicle will be waiting to take you to your destination.
Please ensure that your luggage is picked from the luggage rack and that you have it with you before leaving the airport with your guide. This will avoid any inconvenience and will make your stay enjoyable.

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