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Lower Zambezi National Park

Lower Zambezi National Park.

The Lower Zambezi National Park - located in southeastern Zambia - was declared a national park in 1983, serving as a private park of the Zambia president before that. Because it was private for so long, the park was protected from mass tourism, thus sustaining its pristine wilderness. Due to the CITES ban on the world ivory trade and because of the presence of DNPW teams carrying out law-enforcement patrols daily, the park and its wildlife population (especially elephants) have remained remarkably stable ever since. Not just the park, but the entire area is a true wildlife sanctuary. On the opposite bank is Zimbabwe's famous Mana Pools National Park, and the park itself is ringed by a much larger game management area (usually referred to as the GMA). Because there are no fences between the park and the GMA, animals can roam free across the area and will frequently do so. The best part of the Lower Zambezi Park and its surrounding GMA is the remoteness. Unlike other Southern African parks, this one has no paved roads, so it is unlikely you will encounter another safari vehicle. More and more precious these days is a night sky without light pollution. Here you will see the most impressive blanket of stars, including mind-boggling views of the shimmering Milky Way. The small and intimate lodges contribute to this feeling of being in a place where the modern world has yet to intrude upon nature, where unpredictable wilderness still exists UNESCO declared several areas of the Lower Zambezi World Heritage sites, mainly because it is home to a ‘remarkable concentration of wildlife’. Simply put, the Lower Zambezi is famous for its big game, and that is one of the reasons why you want to venture out to this part of Africa.

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