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Liuwa Plains National Park

 Map of Liuwa Plains National Park

Liuwa National Park lies in Western Province. wetern part of Zambia, west of the Barotse Flood plain of the Zambezi River near the border with Angola. The Park is governed by African Parks (Zambia), which is a partnership between African Parks, the Zambia's Wildlife Authority (DNPW) and the Barotse Royal Establishment, the traditional government of the Lozi people.  The park, located approximately an hour from Kalabo. Access to Kalabo (the nearest town to Liuwa Plain National Park) has been vastly improved due to a tar road being built over the floodplains which has recently been complete. Liuwa plain supports globally important populations of storks, cranes and other water birds. The vulnerable crowned crane and known for the second biggest migration of wildebeests in Africa and in the World ​

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