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Northern Circuit Part III

Muchinga Province: A Land of Hidden Gems Muchinga Province, one of Zambia's ten provinces, is a treasure trove of natural beauty and historical significance. Located in the northeastern part of the country, it shares borders with Tanzania to the north, Malawi to the east, Eastern Province to the south, Central Province to the southwest, Luapula Province to the west, and Northern Province to the northwest. Chipoma Waterfalls: Nature's Symphony in Stone A perpetual symphony of gushing water flowing through solid black rock formations, plunging over 10 meters deep into a pool, and meandering away is a spectacle to behold. Yet, these enchanting sights are often hidden from the world. Chipoma Waterfalls in Chinsali district, Muchinga Province, is a well-kept secret. It holds the potential to emerge as a prominent tourism site, captivating both local and foreign visitors. Situated on the Chimanabwe River, approximately 24 kilometers southwest of Chinsali, Chipoma Waterfalls is a captivating segment of the river. It nestles amidst lush green grass and woods, painting a picture of serenity. This natural wonder was declared a national monument in 1964. Evidently, it holds traces of its occupation by Stone Age people, with 12 ancient clay iron smelting kilns scattered around the area. The waterfalls consist of multiple cascades along the Chimanabwe River, originating from the Konja stream, located 17 kilometers away in the newly created Shiwang’andu district. Chusa Waterfalls: A Cascade of Beauty Chusa Waterfalls is a series of cascades and rapids located about 11 kilometers from Shiwang’andu's Kapisha hot spring area in Chinsali district. To reach this natural wonder, one can follow the Shiwang’andu estate road by taking a westerly turn at Kalalatekwe village on the great north road. Namundela Waterfalls: Nature's Divided Splendor Namundela Waterfalls, situated in Shiwang’andu, is approximately 5 kilometers from Joseph Bwalya's (Shi Eliot) settlement. This natural marvel is bisected in the middle by a resistant quartzite formation, creating two distinct sections, and forming the primary of three cataracts. The main falls boasts a drop of 8-10 meters. The total drop, including the lower cataract, measures around 5 meters. Lubwe Mission: A Historical Legacy Lubwe Mission holds a special place in history, as it is not only the birthplace of Zambia's first republican president, Dr. Kenneth Kaunda, but also the first church station for the present-day United Church of Zambia. Just a few meters from the original church, a burial ground serves as the final resting place for Kaunda's parents, relatives, and a few of the freedom fighters. Alice Lenshina Burial Place: A Heroine's Rest Alice Mulenga Lenshina's burial place is a site of great historical significance. She was a heroine of the independence struggle, who led the masses through her church. However, her church was seen as a threat to the new government and was banned. Born in 1919 in Kasoma village in Kasama, Lenshina was a member of the Presbyterian Church. At the age of 33, she died after an illness and, incredibly, was believed to have risen from the dead during her mourning, claiming to have met Jesus Christ in heaven. She returned with instructions to combat polygamy, witchcraft, and sorcery. She founded the "Lumpa" church, meaning "better than all the rest." Mwenzo Mission in Nakonde: A Testament to History Mwenzo Mission stands as a testament to history, with its rich architectural beauty. Established in 1898 by Reverend James Alexander Chrisholm of the Free Church of Scotland, it has played a crucial role in the region's history. Other historic buildings in the province include the first post office building in Zambia, the doctor's house, and the regional office for the NHCC in Kasama, constructed in 1912-13. The Kasama Golf Club is also a notable landmark. Old Fife: A Glimpse into History Old Fife, located about 2 kilometers east of Nakonde district on the Nakonde-Kanyala road, holds historical significance. Founded in 1895, it served as a boma under British colonial rule. Initially known as Ikawa, it was renamed Old Fife, reminiscent of the Scottish district on the east coast of the North Sea. This location witnessed battles between the British and the Germans during World War I, resulting in numerous casualties who were buried in mass graves. Major Heimlich von Berge, a prominent figure, was laid to rest here on January 1, 1918. Zwangendaba's Grave: A Final Resting Place with History Zwangendaba and his Ngoni people fled from Shaka in 1831. After crossing into Zambia at Zumbo, they ventured into Fipaland (present-day Tanzania). However, due to fierce conflicts, they retraced their steps into Zambia, where Zwangendaba eventually passed away in 1848 in Mapupo, near Ufipa, Tanganyika (now Tanzania). Tradition holds that he was buried in Nakonde district on the Nakonde-Mbala road, about 1 kilometer south of Nachipeta School. Mutinondo Wilderness: A Natural Paradise The Mutinondo River is a well-known landmark for pilots and a popular destination for hiking enthusiasts. The Mutinondo Wilderness offers an opportunity to explore this national treasure with its enchanting falls, making it a rewarding adventure. Muchinga Province is a land of enchanting waterfalls, rich history, and hidden natural gems, inviting explorers and history enthusiasts to uncover its many treasures.

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