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Travel Tips

1. Clients should use the same name in all their Reservations. This makes easy it to

identify them during pickups. 2. Clients are also advised to know the exchange rate of their currency against the

Zambia Kwacha. 3. It is advisable that clients secure their accommodation in Zambia before traveling. 4. Once you have checked in and if carrying any valuables make sure you have them

kept by residence authorities or use the safe in the room. 5. Do not move around with your traveling documents or bank cards unless if you

intend to cross the border. Alternatively, photocopy the relevant pages of your

passport and visa just as these may be required. Just make sure you have enough

cash as you move around. 6. Zambia is an English speaking country and if the English language is a problem

please advise in advance so that arrangements for an alternative and preferred language are made

where possible. Most likely they would come at a cost 7. It’s a must for clients to always listen to their guide as they are in charge of the

tours and have all the safety rules that come with all the tours. 8. Once your Reservations have been confirmed through a DMC, the Destination management Company will be in charge of your pickups and shall ensure that you are always on time. 9. If you have any special needs, physical or health wise, please advise well in


10. Zambia does not allow sex toys on entry into the country

11 Any special drugs need doctor's backing documents

12 Please always check the prohibited drugs to any destination you wish or intend to travel tp

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